Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Racing Clean Now Has a YouTube Channel

Racing Clean is now on YouTube and

I've recently been trying out streaming some of my gaming time on Twitch, primarily thanks to my Xbox One.  I'm not exactly the world's best gamer so sometimes I'm a bit embarrassed to be streaming at all - especially getting my arse handed to me in Titanfall... Or should I say TitanFool.

Anyway, I've got a taste for it now and decided to also try streaming some of my online races in iRacing.  I'm pretty new at this so please forgive me as I learn how to get better at it.  I am still finding the right balance between game and voice volume so that you can hear me, but hopefully I will figure this out quickly.

If you want to follow me on you can find my channel here.

Racing Clean on YouTube

The "Racing Clean" YouTube Channel is the place to go to see any videos I create for my racing experiences in the virtual world.  After I have broadcast any races on my Twitch channel I will try to upload my most interesting races to my new Racing Clean YouTube channel for viewing at any time.

What you will see is that even after a year on iRacing, I'm not the fastest guy in the field; I'm a mid-field runner most of the time, so hopefully I can give you an insight on what racing is like for the rest of us who are NOT Aliens... Or maybe I can help those who are new to sim-racing by showing them how exciting racing in the mid-pack can actually be.

Please check out my Racing Clean YouTube Channel here and please, please, please hit subscribe ;)

And feel free to leave me any helpful tips.


About the Author: Chris Russell has been sim-racing since the Commodore Amiga days and can be found on or on @MovieRetrospect on Twitter.

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