Sunday, 17 March 2013

Awesome Overtake - in Forza Horizon

I'm a fan of all kinds of racing games and sims, I'm not the type type of person who will refuse to 'have fun' with a racing game just because it's not a hardcore sim... I like fun, so sue me!

Anyway, I have been putting a lot of hours into Forza Horizon lately after I picked it up on the cheap.  Although I love Forza Motorsport 4, I didn't really expect to enjoy Forza Horizon as I didn't really think the open world aspect of it would be for me.  Ultimately I prefer racing on real world race tracks, but as it turns out Forza Horizon is actually really fun - who knew!!!

I haven't really got into all the social aspects of Forza Horizon yet, but at a glance, it doesn't seem as fully realised as Forza 4 in some areas, but I don't think that hurts the game in any way, given the style of gameplay.

That said, I did try out this cool feature that allows you to watch a replay in game and then export it to your profile, where you can then download it and do what you like to it, such as edit to your heart's content or just share it to YouTube as I'm sure most people do... So that's exactly what I did with the video above.

It was one of those fun moments in the game where your racing the AI and want to pass two people as quickly as possible.  As it turns out there was a very handy jump up the road, which launched me right over both cars in one go, skimming along their rooftops James Bond style!

Yeah, okay, not very realistic, I know, but it's a game about having fun and it put a big smile on my face at the time and I ended up watching the replay a couple of times before deciding to share it on YouTube and then post it here on my new site.

Overtaking 2 cars at once by jumping clean over the both of them in Forza Horizon
Overtaking 2 cars at once by jumping clean over the both of them in Forza Horizon

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